Ensuring Projects and Payments are Complete

When it comes to remodeling a home, a lack of trust often exists between homeowners and contractors. We’re here to ease the uncertainty and make repair and remodel payments as simple and seamless as possible.

A payment platform you can rely on

Complete Pay fosters trust and accountability between contractors and homeowners. Together with our partners, we act as an independent, unbiased third party, helping to facilitate payment, escrow and dispute resolution.

Why Complete Pay?

It’s common for misunderstandings and disagreements to arise between homeowners and contractors. Homeowners may provide late payment or refuse to pay for good work. Contractors may walk off the job, or worse—disappear with a down payment, never intending to begin work in the first place. No matter which side you’re on, we’re here to build confidence and ensure the entire process goes off without a hitch.

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